Month 43 – Letter to Davilyn

by Rumour Miller on January 1, 2012

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Dear Davilyn ~

Happy New Year to you!  We have had a nice little Christmas and a nice little break from our busy schedule but soon you will be back to skating, dance and preschool.  It’s been nice to just spend time together and not be rushing off everywhere.

You (and everyone else in our house) has come down with a cold/flu.  It was nice that it happened after Christmas and not during.

I can’t believe how big you are growing.  That this year we celebrate your 4th birthday!  How did that happen?

I love your smile and your giggle.  I love that you love to dance and wear high heals.  I love how beautifully you that you are.  I look forward to all of our little and big adventures.  You got an iPod Touch for Christmas from Auntie and you love to listen to the Tangled soundtrack on it.  I must get you to Disney World to meet Rapunzel before you outgrow her.  I want to watch your excitement as you meet her.  So lets work together to convince Daddy that it’s “Disney World 2012” here!

Mama loves you, Boo.

Love Mama.

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