Now where is that Magic 8 Ball?

by Rumour Miller on January 20, 2012

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The one that gives me a matter of fact, yes or no answer.

Wouldn’t that be nice?  It would take all the pressure off of me and decisions would be made.  Craig and I have been in a season of wanting a change.  For various reasons, we have been considering a move a bit closer to where I work.  It would mean a longer commute for him but we believed it would be the best for us and our family.  We have been looking at the occasional home.  Talking about building a home.  We even have a drafter making plans for us.  We even found a home that we were kinda, sorta considering an offer on.

I’ve been sick with anxiety about it.  The cost to move.  This will be our first move that isn’t paid or partially paid by Craig’s employer.

Then, the other night we started talking…. about not moving.  Staying put, for now.  Feeling like we had actually made a decision, I slept well that night.  For the first time in a few weeks.  But every day is the same… “are we making the right decision?  what is the right decision?”

I, honestly, do not have that answer.  I guess so long as we continue waiver, we shouldn’t plan to go anywhere.  Every few months, Craig comes home from work and tells me about a position that his boss mentioned to him.  One in Edmonton.  One in Minnesota.  Florida.  It still remains a possibility that we may be asked to move his job but that hasn’t happened.

I had a magic 8 ball when I was a kid.  Wish I would have hung on to that, it could be answering my questions right now!

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