Happy 6th Birthday, Piper

by Rumour Miller on March 6, 2012

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Dearest Piper ~

6 years ago today, you woke me at 5:00 in the morning with a start. My water broke which told me (and your Daddy) that you were ready to be born. 4 weeks early but we were ready for you. We were ready to finally meet you and become parents. You changed our lives and you have brought us so much joy in the last 6 years.

Funny how even 6 years later, you are still waking us at an early hour each morning! We still cannot get you to sleep in.

I love watching you on the ice. It completely amazes me every time I see you out there. You have a natural athletic ability.  I love that you want to play team sports.  You are a social butterfly and you love your friends and team mates just as much as you love to play.  I am so very proud of you.


You love the Winnipeg Jets! You keep track of how many games you have been to and you love going. You love to watch as much as you love all the treats that you get. When you aren’t at the games you always ask to watch it on television. You love singing the national anthem and you shout “TRUE NORTH” just like the rest of them.  We were so lucky to find four tickets to last nights game.  Quinn is too young to go yet, but Daddy and I took you and Davilyn and watched a great game together!  You waved your sign and you cheered and booed.  You high fived when goals were scored and when I asked you to put “Go Wheeler Go” on your sign, you said:

“No, Mom!  That’s your guy.”

You make me smile.

I love watching your excitement! It is contagious.


You are a great big sister. When you all aren’t fighting (because let’s face it… that happens quite a bit here) you love to help your sisters. You love to read to them and play games with them. You love giving them piggy backs and teaching them everything that you know. You are a great helper with Quinn and you really enjoy being the big sister.


I thought that I might be a bit more emotional about this birthday. Your champagne birthday. Maybe it is because it hasn’t hit me yet or maybe because we have been having so much fun.

In your six years you have inspired me, challenged me, made me a better person. You have taught me just how very much a person can love another person. You make this life worth living and I love you.

Happy 6th, Birthday, Magoo.  I hope you had the day of your life!

Mama loves you.

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