Month 26 – Letter to Quinn

by Rumour Miller on May 23, 2012

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Dearest Quinn ~

My life would not have been complete without you.

It’s amazing, the greater plan for our lives.  I thought that I should have had a baby quickly once we decided that we were ready.  It took us two years and I know why it did.  That extra two years was for you.  It was for Piper and for Davilyn too.  It was so that I would have my trio of Divas just as it was meant to be.

If I had known that I was waiting two years for you three beautiful girls, I would have been much more patient.

You continue to brighten our days by giving us so much to smile about.  You are a jokester and a lover of laughing.  You, my dear, fart and burp on command and think it’s so darn funny.  It kinda is.  I admit, I laugh.

So very much like Piper but a lover of heals like Davilyn.  Uniquely you.  You are extremely independent and would much rather try things yourself before asking or allowing us to help you.  You pick out your own clothing and get dressed with very little help.

You are awesome in every way.  Even when you throw a temper tantrum (you are stomp your feet, throw your fists down, kinda temper tantrum) and when you love your dog, Annie.  You are awesome when you greet me with smiles in the morning and even when you insist that we rock you for an hour at night.  I hope you always know just how awesome you are.

Mama loves you, Chickadee.

Love Mama.

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