Happy 4th Birthday, Davilyn!

by Rumour Miller on June 1, 2012

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Dearest Davilyn;

You continue to be my princess. You love everything princesses, dresses and shoes! You truly are a fashion Diva and you love to wear pretty dresses and my work shoes! I overheard you in the living room saying to Piper,

“Do you like my style?”

Davilyn, we love your style!

You just finished your first year of preschool and you had a great year.  You made new friends and brought home prized drawings and paintings.  You learned new songs to sing and you took one small step out into the world on your own.

Four years ago today, you arrived six weeks early.  You entered our lives and you wrapped us around your finger.  A little girl we named Davilyn was born.  This is your last year before you go off to kindergarten.  There are times I really feel like I could be living in a dream.  It’s the only way to explain how fast the last four years have passed by.  You have made this life worth it, and I hope that you will always know that.  I live my life for you and your sisters.  I want to share adventures with you and know that we never wasted a single day together.  Snuggling with you, talking to you and listening to you sing.  All the things that I love in this life.  I am so lucky to be your Mama.

These past four years have been full of so much joy and laughter.  So much love.  I never want to wish our time away but I so look forward to all the joy that awaits us in the years to come.

Happiest of days, the day you were born.  Happy Birthday, Davi Doodle.  Mama loves you.

Love Mama.


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