I Love Our Love Story

by Rumour Miller on July 14, 2012

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After 11 years of marriage, I sit here thinking that my life would have been so meaningless without you in it. My life would have been so drastically different. Piper, Davilyn and Quinn would not be… it’s unimaginable.

I have been so blessed to find a best friend and a perfect partner in you. We really do complete one another and I have never doubted our love.

When I think about the best memories we have shared and the worst we have come across, each time I see you by my side. You were there during our poorest days, our darkest times and our saddest events. You were by my side through death, depression and infertility. You were there to celebrate with me graduations, the birth of our children and our personal successes.

Thank you for everything that you have given to me and to our daughters. The best gift that you have given me and continue to give me is your devotion to our children. Raising children would not be easy without you. We are a team in every aspect of our lives and our daughters adore you and look up to you. When I see your relationships with them unfold and grow I am so very thankful that you are their father. You love them, discipline them and provide for them but above all that you spend your time with them. You coach their sports, volunteer at their schools, wake up with them at night, and take them on adventures big and small. When they look back on their childhood their memories will be full of you.

Looking back over our 11 years of marriage my heart swells and I want you to know just how very much I love our love story. There was no engagement in Paris or honeymoon in an exotic location. Times have not always been easy but we have always been standing steadfast beside one other every step of the way. I could never imagine a life without you. You and I were destined to be and our love story is unfolding exactly how it was meant to. Every hiccup and bump, every tear, smile and laugh makes up the fabric of our relationship.

11 years ago today I made the best decision of my life. I met you at the end of a church aisle and I became your wife. Happy 11th Anniversary, Craig. To the best husband, partner, father and friend that I could have ever had. I love you.


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