Month 29 – Letter to Quinn

by Rumour Miller on August 23, 2012

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Dearest Quinn ~

We hit a new milestone this past month. One that is so very bittersweet for me. We converted your crib to a toddler bed and took the rocking chair out of your room. We thought that after almost 2.5 years, it was time. We had a good run of it though, didn’t we.

You and Davilyn are now roomies as we have decided to let big sister, Piper, have her own room. The transition has been what we expected… you like to keep Davilyn up, entertaining her, chatting and playing. I am sure once you settle in this will come to a stop (or at least it will become less frequent).

We have had a pretty great summer here but soon fall will arrive and we will start all of our fall activities. You will notice a change this year because now you can participate in some of them.

Mama went away for a week in August and while I was away, we used our iPad and Facetimed with each other. I am pretty sure that your ability communicate grew over night. Then when I came home, you ran out of the house to greet me. I swooped you up in my arms and you placed your hands on each of my cheeks and kissed me. Your smile was big as you kept holding me and kissing me. I missed you too.

I love watching you grow and develop into you. So different from your sisters and yet similar in many ways. This my reward.

Mama loves you Chickadee.

Love Mama


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