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by Rumour Miller on September 20, 2012

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The weather is cooling off here.  Yesterday all three girls noted the change in the weather.  In the morning Quinn said,

“Winter is coming.”

Yesterday evening I found Winnipeg Jets bedding in the new Sears catalogue and showed Piper (it was on her Christmas wish list last year but there were none to be found) and she immediately stated she wanted them for Christmas and started making her list.  Then when Davilyn came home from dance she said,

“It’s cold out.  That means Christmas will be here soon.”

We have left our life at the camper behind.  September arrived, school started and we immediately became busy.  We need to get back out one more time to clean it up and get it ready for winter.  A few weeks ago, I was feeling very nostalgic about closing up the camper for winter.  We had such a wonderful summer spending our time out there that I was really trying to hang on to it.  Time doesn’t allow that and now that the weather is cooler, the mornings are darker, I feel ready for fall.  Mostly, I am looking ahead at Christmas.  I love Christmas!

The girls are signed up for skating, ringette and dance.  Skates are bought.  Both Piper and Davi needed new ones.  Quinn fit one of Piper’s old pairs.  Quinn is skating this year.  She is so excited and calls it hockey.  Davi is going to try ringette and see if it’s something that she wants to continue with.  She has already started dance.

I have been really wanting to get started back with The Tyson Method.  My last boot camp with them was last fall and I was not able to finish it.  You might remember my post here about having a dilation and curettage and a hysteroscopy procedure.  It took me a while to recover from that both mentally and physically and then the camp was done.  Now, my problem is finding a class that fits my schedule.  It’s so hard juggling an almost full time job, a family of five, a household and still finding time for me. 

I need to get doing something.  My weight climbed a bit from my experience with the fat shredder and I just can’t seem to lose it without lots of activity.  I need to get motivated and just do it.

We are a busy household and there are days I wonder if I can keep up but I honestly cannot imagine another life.

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