Month 30 – Letter to Quinn

by Rumour Miller on September 23, 2012

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Dear Quinn ~

I miss my wonderful little sleeper.  How your habits have changed these past six months or so.  You fight bedtime with fierceness and are waking through the night.  The last three mornings we have seen you before 6:30 a.m.  Oh please, dear Quinn, please start sleeping well again.  I beg of you.



You are such a busy little girl and stubbornly independent.  You are silly and cute.  You can do just about anything your sisters can do and you don’t let your age or your size stop you from trying something new (and maybe even dangerous).  You are a dare-devil of extreme proportions.  You jump over the back of the couch, you find ways to stack stools and chairs to get what you want and you are prepared to send your sisters down the stairs in a laundry basket.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I wonder if we will make our first trip to the hospital for a broken bone.

Slow down.

In a few short weeks you will lace up your skates and take to the ice.  You talk about it all the time and are so very excited to finally be joining your sisters on the ice.  I cannot wait to see you out there.  If you are half as determined as either of your sisters, you will be skating in no time.

It’s almost Halloween here and I am so excited to watch you go trick or treating.  You are at such a cute age for this holiday.  I hope the weather stays mild so we can enjoy a lovely evening of knocking on doors and another wonderful memory to add to our collection.

Mama loves you Chickadee.

Love Mama.

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