I have a love affair

by Rumour Miller on September 28, 2012

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With Fridays.

Well I am sure most of us do.

It’s one of the luxuries (that doesn’t always feel like a luxury) I gave myself (and I like to think our family) when I returned to work after Quinn was born.  It’s (almost) always a long weekend for me.  The summer was fantastic because Craig took Fridays off in July and August.  It was really hard to see him return to work on Fridays.  Then school started and there was even more of a change.  Piper being gone all day every day.  Friday comes and after we drop Piper off at school it’s just Thing 2, Thing 3 and me.

I get laundry done.  I get groceries.  I run errands…. well sometimes.

I just really enjoy my Fridays off of work.

Soon, when Halloween is over, the two littles and I will start our Christmas baking on Fridays but I’ll have to save some for Piper to help with.  Soon, we will snuggle on the couch watching the snow fall outside.  Waiting to get Piper from school and Daddy to come home.

Loving our Fridays together.

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