Gone too Soon

by Rumour Miller on November 8, 2012

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My heart is broken again.  A million pieces went crashing to the floor when I found out that a friend had died.  Tragically.  My mind raced to his wife and two little girls and my heart leapt…

Thankful it wasn’t my Craig and feeling so selfish and wrong for feeling that way.

I can’t even string together words or sentences to explain my sorrow for them  Not that it matters as there are few words that could ever portray just how saddened we are by his untimely death.

Their little girls the same ages as my Piper and my Davilyn.  My heart is so heavy for all that they will miss out on.  No more hunting trips for Daddy to take them on or dance recitals with Daddy beaming in the crowd.  No Daddy and Daughter dance on their wedding day.

And I am so incredibly sad for them all.

A young wife without her groom and now a single Mom.  Playing Dad’s part without warning and trying to lift them up when her own world has shattered around her.

And I so wish things could be different for them.  As we set our clocks back on Saturday night, wishing to set it back yet another day.  Knowing life doesn’t work like that.

Wondering why life is sometimes so cruel.

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