Winter Fun

by Rumour Miller on November 15, 2012

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The smell of a running snow machine brings back many memories for me. Growing up I spent many winters riding snow machines with my family and my friends.  Growing up in Canada, there was never much shortage on the white stuff.  Although in recent years we haven’t been seeing much snow.

Last year we bought  err, Santa brought the girls a little snow machine for Christmas.  It was fun watching them drive it around the yard and tie a toboggan to the back of it.  They love it and it gets us outside during the winter months.

Just the other day Craig and I bought one for us.  The girls cannot get enough!  We have been out with them the last few nights and then dragging them kicking and screaming into the house when it gets late.  Quinner sits in front of me while I drive and the other night the roar of the sled put her to sleep.

Last night, Quinn, Piper and I went out for a ride while Craig took Davilyn to dance.  She cried because she wasn’t going to be riding with us.  Piper got on the girls machine and Quinn and I on the big one and off we went.

Oh the fun we will have this year.





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