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by Rumour Miller on November 28, 2012

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If you live anywhere near Winnipeg you know that the first Ikea store opened it’s doors today. It’s big business here. One of the largest stores yet (or it IS the largest store).

It is the talk of the city.

I was fortunate to be invited to Monday nights Media Night Preview. I know, I know. How my little blog scored me this invite is beyond me (and proof that my husband and my mom aren’t the only two reading here – so Thank You for that).


One highlight for me was meeting Chrissy Troy (103.1 Virgin Radio morning DJ)


I love these lighting fixtures. I wonder if I can pull this off in my house. I’m not sure I can but I love them just the same.






Here they are again. I love the way they look.


This is me, pretending to cook it up in an Ikea kitchen.


They actually served us some meatballs from one of the kitchens. Check out the 4 ovens in the back ground. I was happy with my double oven until I saw this!



Ikea did give each attendee a bag with Ikea swag in it. Some pretty cool votives, candles, a desk lamp, picture frame and a few other neat items. Quite generous of them.



We also had the opportunity to shop and we were spoiled with a 15% discount off our purchases.



Here is a picture of some of the swag given to us.


This is by far my favourite purchase from Monday night.  I absolutely love it!


If you plan to head out to the new store, bring your hiking boots or your running shoes.  This store is seriously big.  From the entrance to the exit is 1.3 kilometeres and that does not include walking up and down the aisles of each room.  It doesn’t count exploring each area, each room.  This is simply the distance using the main aisle and following the walking arrows.

It’s a big store!


*DISCLAIMER – although I was invited to the Ikea Media Night and was provided with gifts and a discount, the review above is my own and reflects my own views of the Ikea Winnipeg Store.

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