Month 53 – Letter to Davilyn

by Rumour Miller on December 1, 2012

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Dear Davilyn ~

You scored your first Ringette goal!  How quickly you have picked it up and how much faster you are skating.  You still don’t like playing for a full hour but today I bribed you to hang in there.  Yep.  I told you that if you scored another goal, you could go to the toy store and pick out a toy.  You asked, “what toy store?”  I replied, “Anyone you want!”

It was all you needed to finish off the last 15 minutes of playing without complaint or request to sit on the bench.  I don’t care.  I’ll bribe you next week too.  The thing is, after the game, you are so darn tootin proud of playing and how could I let you give that up.  I can’t.

I love your willingness to play.  So thank you for that.

I love you Davi Doodle.

Love Mama

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