The Huron Carole

by Rumour Miller on December 5, 2012

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Tom Jackson is a Canadian born Metis Singer and Actor.  He is best known for his series of Christmas concerts, The Huron Carole.  The Huron Carole is a fundraiser that collects donations for the Canadian Association of Food Banks.  It’s last year was 2004.

Until now.  The Huron Carole is on tour this year.  The number of people using food banks has risen and the need for these donations are big.

When I saw that The Huron Carole was coming to Winnipeg, I told Craig that I really wanted to go.  Tom Jackson was here Monday night and it was one of the best concerts I’ve seen, not to mention the support for such a good cause.  If The Huron Carole is coming to you and there is still time for you to get tickets, go.  It’s a show that does not disappoint and the cause is important.

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