Christmas Traditions

by Rumour Miller on December 12, 2012

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We have a few here at The Rumour Mill. Some that are the same year after year and some that evolve from one Christmas Season to the next. Our traditions mean so much to me. I wonder which ones our children will continue with when they are grown and have families of their own. Which traditions will come to mean the most to them.

The Elf on the Shelf

Yep. We have one. I fell hook line and sinker and one started arriving in our home in 2009. He was named Marcus and our children love him. I do too. Our Elf is well-behaved and extremely giving. He has on occasion made a mess but naughty he is not. I mean, why would our Elf exhibit the very behaviour we are trying to get our children to avoid. Part of our Elf tradition includes him arriving in November and putting up our Christmas tree for us. He does this while we sleep and in the morning the tree is ready for our family to decorate. He leaves a new ornament for each of the girls and he leaves that night not to return until December 1.

His arrival this year felt like Christmas. The girls immediately saw the tree, spied Marcus and saw his gifts. We could hear them squealing from the bedroom and they came running to our room. Their excitement for his arrival was just like their excitement on Christmas Day. We then spent the day as a family (my Mom and Sister were here this year) had a yummy breakfast, cleaned the living room and pulled out the ornaments.

It was magical.

Our Annual Photo Card

I make and we send a photo card and newsletter every year. I absolutely love this and I love receiving cards and photos from all of our friends and family too. Even in the time of Facebook and Instagram, I love the extra special thought of sending cards and receiving them. I usually create our card on the Costco website. It’s easy and inexpensive plus the turn around time is quite quick.

(Below photo is an iPhone photo of our card, so please excuse the quality).



Christmas Movies

Every year we watch Christmas Movies. The top two of our collection are National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and Planes, Trains and Automobiles. We watch many others and have included the girls in our tradition. We eat snacks and let them stay up a bit later than usual.

This tradition evolves each year because we add new movies to our list (old and new movies). This year, Craig and I have been putting the girls to bed and getting chinese food to eat while watching our movie. Maybe not the best for the waist line, but sure tastes yummy.


Gingerbread Houses

Each year we make one. Or two or sometimes a holiday train. The girls eat the candy and the icing but eventually the houses stand finished.



Baking Christmas Goodies

Is one of my favourite things to do each year. I start baking in November and stop early in December. We always have lots of treats to share with friends and family.

I usually stick to our favourite treats but sometimes I try something new. It never seems to matter, they all taste great!

Visiting Santa

Is another of my favourite traditions. I buy the girls each a Christmasy outfit for their special visit. We go to the same place every year and the girls get their photo taken. 2012 was the first year that Davilyn sat willingly on his lap. Quinn a bit more hesitant this year and Piper, well her heart is full of Santa and she has that extra special magic inside her.


A New Ornament

Each year since Piper was born, we have bought the girls each a new ornament for the tree. It once was just an ornament that arrived from Mom and Dad and then our friendly scout Elf, Marcus, started bringing them. They have the girls’ names written on it and the year.

One day, when the girls leave home for a home of their own, they will take their ornaments with them to hang on their very own tree. One ornament for each year that they lived at home with me.


Writing our Christmas Cards and Addressing the Envelopes

Is a labour of love for me. I sit down with a glass of wine and my list. I address and stuff each envelope, place the stamp on it and get it ready to send in the mail.  I love doing this, because I love receiving all of your cards and letters.  I love hearing from you and hearing about your families, your children and your grandchildren.  I love hearing how good the previous year has been to you and your loved ones.


And because I don’t actually like to seal the envelopes, the girls did and so I let them!


Those are just a few of our Christmas Traditions. Tell me about yours. Share your post in the comments section and I will stop by and read all about them.

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