T’was The Night Before Christmas

by Rumour Miller on December 24, 2012

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And we are in Fort Frances.

Will Santa find us?

What are the chances?

A new Elf joined our home,

and we named her Merry.

Davilyn would have freaked out,

if it would have been a Larry.

December has been busy,

and we are so tired,

Craig and I are almost out of steam

but the Divas are wired.

The Dog got sick,

The Divas did too.

Feeling very thankful,

It wasn’t the flu.

Quinn woke this morning,

Looked at the tree, exclaimed

Santa didn’t come!

Oh woe is me.

Diva 1 wants a laptop,

Diva 2 wants one too.

Diva 3 thinks she’s old enough,

What will Santa do?

The presents are wrapped,

The shopping all done.

Riding our snow machines,

Time for some fun!

I am very excited,

As Santa takes flight.

Happy Christmas to all

And to all a Goodnight!

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