The Return of the NHL

by Rumour Miller on January 21, 2013

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Has been welcomed in my house, no question. All the fans were left in the cold during the lockout. Some so upset they gave up their season tickets. Some who refused to buy another NHL item or refusing to spend their money at the concessions. Protesting.

It’s different here. We finally have our team back after they left in 1996. That’s 15 years without hockey in a community that loves hockey. When they brought back the Winnipeg Jets, they sold 13,000 season tickets, the majority of which were sold on June 4, 2011 in just 17 minutes. There are also approximately 8,000 people on a waiting list for season tickets. Each season ticket came with a hefty price tag and a 3 – 5 year contract.

Our family is one of the lucky ones. We managed to get a pair of season tickets with a 3 year contract. (My Dad shares our seats with us and he gets first kick at whatever game he can make it to). So despite our disappointment at the lockout, when it ended we jumped right back into our seats at the MTS Centre without hesitation as did most of the other Jets fans, I’m sure.

We took our family to the Winnipeg Jets practise at the MTS Centre on January 13. They gave each fan in attendance free admission (rush seating), free pop and popcorn voucher. My crew sat behind the Visitors bench on the glass, a nice change from our usual seats in the 300’s. My little Quinner, who is turning 3 in March, had her first taste of NHL hockey. Another one will be negotiating for games to attend soon. Piper tried to wheel and deal herself to the home opener, unfortunately for her I went instead.

Here is my crew at that open practise.

My favourite player (and not just because he is cute).

My Davi. She loves the excitement but her patience for the game doesn’t quite span a 1.5 hour practise. Gotta love her for trying though.




My Quinner and her Daddy. She loves skating, ringette and hockey. Another fan in our house who will be competing for the second seat at the games when Papa can’t go.


At the end of practise the players came back out on the ice and were tossing signed caps into the stands. We scored an Andrew Ladd and a Chris Thorburn. Can’t beat that… well maybe a Blake Wheeler would have been nice 😉




As you can tell, the love of hockey is alive and well at The Rumour Mill. We love our Winnipeg Jets.

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