Happy 7th Birthday, Piper!

by Rumour Miller on March 6, 2013

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Dear Piper ~

Happy Birthday to you!

Seven seems like such a milestone birthday for you to be celebrating. I want you to know that seven years ago today when you born, the world instantly became a better place. My world became a better place.

I never could have imagined just how wonderfully amazing this journey together would be. I had some thoughts and some ideas in my mind but I never understood how intense my love for you would be. How your emotions would become my emotions.

Parenting is hard work, it really is. Loving you is not. Never get those two mixed up. I want you to know that discipline and parenting go together. I cannot do one without the other and just because I discipline you does not mean that I do not love you. It means the exact the opposite. It is because I love you that I discipline you. There will come a day when you not only understand this but you will come to appreciate it. Trust me when I say this. I’ve been in your shoes before.

You will soon know just how the time flies. If I close my eyes I can remember your birth like it was just yesterday. Your birth was one of the best things that could have ever happened to me. We were meant to be mother and daughter. Meant to share this life together and I want you to know that I am so incredibly happy for that. I would not want any other to be my first-born. You were chosen for that and so was I.

You were a born leader. You take your role as the oldest very seriously. You try to comfort and teach your sisters whenever you can. When Quinn gets in trouble, you are right there to hold her hand or offer her a hug. When she falls asleep in the truck, you quietly hold her hand. I get it. I do that too when I can. Steal those moments of pure love without words. You don’t shy away from a teaching moment with Davilyn, even if it isn’t always well received.

You are awesome. Your smile lights up a room and a photograph. Your beautiful blonde hair flowing at your shoulders. Your steady stance on the ice. Your warm and giving heart. Perfectly you. You are awesome and I am so incredibly lucky to have spent seven wonderful years with you and I look forward to all the years in front of us.

So today as you celebrate your birthday, we celebrate you and there is nothing else in this entire world that I would rather be doing. You deserve to be celebrated and we are so happy to be sharing this special day with you.

Happy Birthday, Magoo. You make this life worth it.

Love Mama


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