Happy 3rd Birthday, Quinn!

by Rumour Miller on March 23, 2013

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On this day three years ago our family became complete.

Our beautiful Quinn Adele was born.

Last night, at bedtime, you wouldn’t settle.  Excitement for your party today?  Overtired?  Busy week?  I’m not quite sure but for the first time in a long time you sobbed in my ear and then asked me to rock you to sleep.  I could not pass that opportunity up, even though I was frustrated at your bed time antics.  Then as we rocked, you looked up at me and said,

“Mama, sing O’ Canada to me.”

Another true blue hockey fan in this house, no question.

So I sang O’ Canada and when I felt your breathing fall into a rhythm and your head grow warm, I sang it again.  Because before I know it you will be too big to sit on my lap in the rocking chair.  I find it too hard to pass those moments up these days.  They are fewer and further between.

You, Dear Quinn, are a dress loving, tights wearing, stubborn and strong-willed little girl.  You love the colour orange and playing with Annie.  You love snowmobiling, skating and camping.  You are Daddy’s girl but sometimes only Mama will do.  You and Davilyn are like oil and water, but every so often I catch the two of you playing so nicely.  Being so sweet to each other and I feel so fortunate to have witnessed it.  Piper and you share a sweet bond.  When you cry, she comforts and you mostly let her.  I am the lucky one who gets to see this all.

Your birth was one of my greatest joys.  My best days.  I loved you from the moment I learned about you and I love you more today than I did the day that you were born.  It’s amazing how much my love for you has grown.  How powerful and emotional it is.  How, when I am so frustrated and weary from a long day of crying and fighting, I can take one look at you and feel overwhelmed with love.

The last three years have been quite the journey for us all.  I’m amazed that I get to be part of all of us.  Part of raising such a beautiful, smart and funny little girl.  Never in my wildest dreams could I ever have imagined how wonderful my life could have been.  Three years ago today you changed my life for the better. You changed our family for the better.  You completed us.

So today is the happiest of days and one hell of a reason to put on our party dresses and our dancing shoes.  We are celebrating you and you deserve to be celebrated. You are awesome and we love you to the moon and back.  Happy 3rd birthday, Quinn.  You make this life worth it.

I love you.

Love Mama.

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