Month 57 – Letter to Davilyn

by Rumour Miller on April 1, 2013

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Dear Davilyn ~

You struggled through March this year with all the celebrations and presents but none were for you.  It is hard for you to see a few months into the future when we get to celebrate your birthday.  It is not as far away as it may seem and then it will be your turn to bask in the light of the celebrations, presents and cakes.  It will soon be your turn.  Hang in there.

You won the CanSkater of the year medal last week and I was so freaking excited for you!  I honestly had a moment of Mother’s intuition and I knew that you would be bringing home that medal.  You had a great year this year on the ice and I am extremely proud.

That night as I tucked you into bed you said, “Mama, I am so proud that I got that medal.”

I am too, sweetie.  I am too.

There really isn’t anything else I would rather do but to watch you grow and witness all of your accomplishments.  You make this life worth it.

I love you.

Love Mama.

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