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by Rumour Miller on April 8, 2013

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My first Bon Jovi cassette tape was a loaner from my older cousin. He took my Cyndi Lauper and left Bon Jovi. I secretly hoped that he would forget about our trade and that I would get to keep it. I was around ten years old. I was also very hooked. My first Bon Jovi concert was in August of 1989 when I was 13. Skid Row was the opening act. Again, I was hooked.

I have seen Bon Jovi in concert 5 times in my life and this past weekend was by far the best and I will tell you why.

It was before Christmas when we heard that Bon Jovi was making a stop in Winnipeg on April 5, 2013. I told Craig that we should try to get the best seats we can, you know, for my birthday.

When the tickets went on sale, Craig made sure to secure some. This man knows me so well. Not only did he make sure I was going to the concert. He ordered VIP tickets.

This is me heading into the Lounge at the MTS Centre where we would enjoy a buffet, free drinks, merchandise and company before the concert. If I look a little giddy it is because I totally am!


Inside the lounge they had a mobile museum set up with some of the Band’s photos and attire from tours gone by. He wore this Jacket on the New Jersey Syndicate Tour when I saw him for the first time in my life.




My seats were amazing. We were not sitting in the main pit area but we had the first row on the outside stage. I could not have requested better seats. That’s my arm in the air there and the platform in the forefront of the photo is the second stage area that Jon performed on.


Look how close we were. I can hardly believe it.



And then he made his way to the outside stage. His microphone set up right in front of me. It felt like he stayed there for the entire concert. It was amazing. I didn’t touch his hand, but Craig caught the quickest video of Jon and I smiling and pointing at each other. Okay, he was pointing, I was reaching out begging him to touch my hand.


Here is that video. Don’t blink, you’ll miss it.


It really was the concert of my life. Thank you, Craig for the amazing tickets. Thank you for going with me.

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