by Rumour Miller on June 28, 2013

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I always find myself sifting through my archives when July rolls around.

It’s a bittersweet month for me.  Craig and I celebrate our wedding anniversary and I always look forward to that.  My Dad has a birthday.  We vacation in July, whether we actually go somewhere or just take time camping or at home with our family.  I love our time together.

But July is also the month that we lost Logan, my nephew.  I find myself reading my archives about our anniversary, our vacations, our family and our Logan.

I hate that I never had the chance to hold him.  I hate that I was so very far away when my sister was pregnant.  I try to live my life without regrets but I guess when I really look at it, this is my regret.  That I wasn’t there.

July is a bittersweet month for me and these anniversaries are fast approaching, I caught myself reading my archives today.

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