Month 89 – Letter to Piper

by Rumour Miller on August 6, 2013

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Dear Piper ~

This was taken this past weekend at the camper.  You sitting in your chair having a sandwich and reading the Saturday comics.  It’s so nice to have a child that will sit and read.  It will make for a relaxing weekend when you and your sisters are all sitting around with books in hand.  Oh how I dream of the day.

We switched up sleeping quarters yesterday and are giving Davilyn the chance to have a room of her own.  You and Quinn are bunked up together now.  This seems to be a good compromise for bedroom sharing.  Hopefully the transition goes well and you all settle in again quickly.

Tomorrow Auntie is having her baby.  Everyone is coming in tonight, so we will have a house full.  You and your sisters are all so excited for Auntie to “go and get her baby.”  It will be so great for you all to have a cousin so close and one you can spoil since you are 7.5 years older!  It’s an exciting time here and you are going to be the best big cousin.

Mama loves you Magoo.

Love Mama.

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