Nice Dinners and Gorgeous Dresses

by Rumour Miller on August 15, 2013

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Is to Davilyn what Hockey games and popcorn is to Piper. Still trying to figure out what Quinn’s thing will be.

On Saturday all three Divas went to Gramma and Papa’s.  Staying for a week until Craig and I came out for holidays.  On Sunday, we picked Davilyn up as she was crying homesick.  So we have been home with just Davilyn all week while the other two are spending their time with Papa and Grandma.  It’s been quiet and nice.  It has been such a nice change to spend some one on one time with Davilyn even though I miss Piper and Quinn.

Craig and I decided to get Davilyn dressed up in her pretty little dress and take her out for a nice dinner.  Not Applebea’s or McDonald’s.

She loved it.

She loved wearing her pretty shoes and her pretty dress.  She had her first ever Shirley Temple.  She was in Diva heaven, and has already asked if we can go again.




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