Month 41 – Letter to Quinn

by Rumour Miller on August 23, 2013

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Dear Quinn~

You went to Gramma and Papa’s for a week after Aria was born and I am not sure you missed us at all! The first few days you used your iTouch to use Voxer to talk to us and then nothing. You and Piper called home during the day to talk to Davilyn but were otherwise too busy. I am so happy that you had fun.

When Daddy and I arrived you were happy to see us.

Papa took us out fishing and you certainly enjoy the boat. You were content to sit and watch, have snacks and just relax for the hours we spent on the lake. We caught a few fish and you got a kick out of that. You refused to go too close and your wouldn’t touch them but you loved every minute of it.

In a few short weeks you will be starting preschool and I sit here amazed at how quickly the last three years have passed us by. When I saw you after the week you spent without us, you looked like such a big girl. Older, somehow. I am so nostalgic for the first few months after you were born. Watching Piper hold you and Davilyn kiss you. Watching the three of you swoon over Aria this past week reminded me of those early days after your birth. I would love to go back and visit those times again, but since I can’t, I marvel over where we are today. I am a bit teary eyed at the thought of dropping you off at Preschool in just a few short weeks and watch as you grow up just a little bit more.

It’s moments like this that make me wish I had a pause button for life. Tonight I sit here thinking of you going to preschool and before I know it, you will be off to high school.

The years are short. Too short. So I embrace our time together. Even when our days are long.

Mama loves you, Quinner.

Love Mama


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