So this happened today….

by Rumour Miller on September 10, 2013

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My baby went off to preschool.  With a skip and a hop and barely a glance back, she went off to preschool.

Her cute little dimple cheeks, her sassy attitude and her great big smile…. all went off to preschool.

She asked me if there will be boys in her preschool…. besides Jack Jack.  When I said yes, she looked

shocked and maybe even slightly annoyed.

She stood before the tree in our front yard as her sisters have done on their first day of school.

Finally it’s her turn.

She can’t wait and I have a hard time letting go.

Because this year I have three girls in school. Three back packs hanging at the front door. Three pairs of shoes set out.


She runs off in excitement and anticipation as I try to keep up. Left at the door to wave goodbye. I have to ask for a kiss. For a hug.


When was it that you grew so big? Was it last night as you slept? It feels that way… to me.


For today you are in preschool.  Finding your name.  Your place for your jacket and your bag.  Your spot at the snack table.

Your teachers.  Your friends.


Finding your place in the world, one tiny step at a time.  You, my sweet and funny youngest child started preschool today.

And as I drove away, knowing you would have so much fun, a tiny tear trickled down my cheek.

For you have all grown up too fast and home videos are playing in my mind of the day you were born and the days I rocked you to sleep.

Now a big girl off on big adventures of your own.

For today you started preschool.



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