When A House Is No Longer A Home

by Rumour Miller on November 2, 2013

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It happens quickly. Without even noticing it, this house is no longer a home. At least not my home. Even though I have loved this house. This kitchen. The contents within these walls. Overnight it lost all of its luster. And as I sit here, it makes me lonely.

Over seven years we have lived here.

Our kids have grown here. Learned to walk here and learned to talk. We moved here when Piper was just 5 months old. Our family really took off here. We even started to put down some roots, but never quite enough that we truly felt settled here. This house that holds so many memories no longer feels like home.

The house where we wrote their names and measured their growth on our doorframe. There was no way that I could leave that piece of wood behind. Or paint over it. So we replaced it and it is coming with us. A treasure, no question.



I could not even imagine leaving it behind.


I watched Davilyn become a Diva, Piper become a skating superstar and Quinn wanting to do it all and more, in this house. I watched the buds of their personalities grow.



I’ve listened to them fight and cry. I’ve watched their relationship and bond strengthen. I’ve watched sisters be friends.




We have celebrated wonderful Christmases here and we became a family here in this house. Our puzzle was completed when Quinn came home from the hospital to this house.


But I sat here quietly alone these past few weeks and this house sat quietly with me. The memories remain but the feelings are gone. A house is truly a home when it is filled with those we love the most. It’s truly a home when our families personalities are loud and radiant but now it’s quiet and that’s one thing that our family rarely was here. Quiet.

So Craig and the girls will come, one last time, and we will leave this house together. Loud and rambunctious and happy. Taking our home with us.

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Robbie November 2, 2013 at 9:10 pm

Good luck! We’ve moved twice now since having children and it is heartbreaking to leave.
Robbie recently posted..Not Alone

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