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by Rumour Miller on November 22, 2013

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That I haven’t been able to put down on my blog. We have moved. The house in Manitoba no longer belongs to us and all of our belongings have arrived and most have been put into storage. We are renting for the time being, a much smaller house than we are used to. It’s been a big adjustment to say the least. The girls have had to adjust the most. Many of their toys are in storage because we just don’t have the room for them. Our yard is so much smaller and there isn’t the room for their trampoline or play structure. It’s been an adjustment. Did I already say that?

Despite missing their old house, they have settled into life here quite nicely. They are all in school and have made friends quickly. It’s been awesome for them and for us.

I’m not really working yet which has also been hard. There were some hiccups at the office setting me up on the system and network, plus there is the whole “I need some clients” thing… but I am sure things will start running a bit smoother in that regard. I hoping that by Monday things will be fully functional at work.

Craig is settling into his new role as well. I think he is enjoying it and so far, it has been much less stressful for him. I like the fact that he doesn’t have his cellphone attached to his hand and isn’t getting calls all evening and all weekend for work. I think the girls have noticed that too. It has been a nice change from the last 7 years.

Everything is so close distance wise as well. No more 25 minute (or more) commutes to and from work or to get groceries. Craig is able to come home for lunch each day, as am I. It’s a big change. There are other things to adjust to, like not having all the amenities of a big city but the time we are saving going places is a pretty good trade-off.

So, despite some hiccups and some big adjustments, we all seem to settling in here.

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