Our Elves on our Shelf and We Love Them

by Rumour Miller on December 16, 2013

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Marcus arrived in our home in 2009. He was a helpful guy, who enjoyed having a bit of fun and bringing the girls gifts. He isn’t mischievous nor is he an over-the-top kind of Elf. I mean, let’s be honest…. Ain’t nobody got time for that at Christmas.

*If your Elf is an over the top kinda Elf…. good on you. Mine just aren’t that creative.

Then last year our Davilyn really wanted a girl Elf. She asked and asked and asked. So Merry joined our family last year for Christmas. It’s amazing how that Santa Clause grants all sorts of wishes, isn’t it.

This year our Elves have been navigating the little house we are calling home for the time being. They have been doing a good job, but I have already told them that if they want to put toothpaste on the mirror next year, they better be prepared to clean the damn stuff off!  It wasn’t the easiest to get off that is for sure.

They don’t do stuff like they are below very often. Imagine Merry’s surprise when I told her what they were doing looked a lot less like acrobatics or gymnastics and a lot like (I can’t even bring myself to say it here on my family friendly blog) …. she was mortified. Marcus didn’t care either way and the girls had no idea, so they get a pass this year.


They do wonderful things for our family.  Like put up our Christmas tree and bake us cookies.  But mostly, they have helped us to create a pretty nice tradition here in our home.  They aren’t elaborate or foolish but they belong to our family and the girls look forward to them every year.  And to tell you the truth, so do Craig and I.  Each family has their own traditions and this is one of ours.


There are a lot of Elf haters out there.  I have seen a number of people posting on the internet about how much they hate this tradition.

I get it.

Some Elves do over the top things and get into trouble. What I don’t get is “hating” on other people’s traditions. I get it, you hate the Elf on the shelf. What could these Elves possibly have to do with Christmas and Christ. I hear you, loud and clear. But what I choose to do in my home with my family and our traditions is none of your business, is it. Yes December is busy… perhaps the busiest month of the year, but I got time. What I do with that time is my business.

I don’t really use the Elf as a way to threaten my kids about their behaviour. Sure we mention it and hope that it will work (for the record, it doesn’t) but we don’t threaten it because I would never follow through with that consequence. I am not prepared to pull Christmas from our calendar because Davilyn and Quinn won’t stop fighting or Piper won’t do her reading the first time I ask. So for me, this is really about the tradition and the fun it brings to our home. I’m telling you, my kids love it.

What I don’t understand is why do you hate/dislike traditions in other homes.  No one has pushed it on you (or maybe someone has, but then your hate/dislike is being misdirected) and why must we compare this tradition to the birth of Jesus Christ?  Why can’t families have these traditions and still celebrate the birth of Christ.  My girls get matching Christmas pajamas every year too, does that upset you?

I understand that these Elves are not for everybody.  I get that and I respect that, but you don’t see me Tradition shaming you for not participating.  Please extend us Elf lovers the same respect.

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Corrina December 16, 2013 at 1:47 pm

Nicole I totally agree with you. Stop hating on a special individual family tradition. The elf on the shelf has been around since the 50’s and everyone can make their elf and good or bad as they want or have time for.

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