Month 94 – Letter to Piper

by Rumour Miller on January 6, 2014

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Dear Piper ~

This is the first time since I was on leave with Quinn, that we have had an almost full two weeks together.  Christmas for us this year was different, wasn’t it?  We didn’t entertain and have parties like we have in the past and we all missed that.  Hopefully next year we can get back on that track and invite our teams over and our friends.  The nice part was being able to go to Gramma and Papa’s on Christmas Eve, come home and sleep in our own beds, wake up and see what Santa brought, then go up to be with Gramma, Papa, Auntie and Aria.  It was exactly what we have always wished for at Christmas.  To not have to rush and pack or quickly say goodbyes after Christmas is over.

The weather has been frightful here!  Lots of snow and then lots of cold.  We have done what we can to get outside.  We have gone sledding on our new toboggans 4 or 5 times.  We bought a “new to us” snow machine and it has allowed all 5 of us to go out on the snow machines together.  We spent time with your third cousins from Minnesota and went sliding with them.  You have played hockey and gone skating.  Celebrated your friends birthdays and just had some good old-fashioned fun.

But, I am ready for you and your sister’s to get back to school and day care.  I’m ready to leaving the house and going to work.  Honestly, I think you are too.  It will be hard to get back into a routine that has us getting up early and going to bed earlier.  It’s been a nice break that way.

Getting back to the routine of school will be nice for us all.

Mama loves you, Piper.

Love Mama.


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