Month 46 – Letter to Quinn

by Rumour Miller on January 23, 2014

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Dear Quinn ~

How excited you were when it was finally your turn to drive the little Sno Pro that you all got for Christmas a few years ago.  You were so proud of yourself!  We have been out a little bit more this year than last but lately the weather has just been so cold.  Too cold for us to enjoy the great outdoors.

We are hoping to get out and do some ice fishing, but again, the weather is holding us back.

You continue to spend your days with Auntie and Aria.  You are supposed to be going to Nursery school 3 mornings a week but lately have been telling me that you don’t want to go.  All you want to do is go and play with Aria.  I don’t fight you.  It’s fine, because this September you will be in Junior Kindergarten and gone all day long every day.  Your Daddy and I wonder how you will handle it.  You come home exhausted at the end of the day now and I think a full day at school will take its toll.  You are excited to catch the bus just like your sisters do and every morning you watch them go by.  Wondering when it will be your turn.

That day will come all too soon.  For me anyway.  For you, it seems, that day can’t come soon enough.

Life has been here for us.  You started CanSkate again and you just don’t seem to be enjoying it.  The class is so big, the time falls right at our “tired” witching hour and it’s two nights a week.  Seems a lot for my 3 (almost 4) year old.  It’s only been a few weeks, so I hope that you will settle into it and find your spot.  I hope so because you tell us how much you want to skate.

Maybe you should stop fighting us at bedtime so you can get more rest 😉

Mama loves you Chickadee.

Love Mama


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