Happy 8th Birthday, Piper!

by Rumour Miller on March 6, 2014

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Dear Piper ~

Happy Birthday to you!

I cannot believe that you are 8 because these last 8 years have passed so quickly.  It makes me think about how quickly the next 8 will pass us by and how soon it will be that you will be leaving our home for adventures of your own.  And, right now, I want to tell you that you can’t ever go.  I will miss you so much.  It breaks my heart even thinking about it.

The day you were born, my heart was in such turmoil.  Born at 9:11 pm and I didn’t get to hold you or touch you or enjoy that time, for reasons you will some day read about here.  5:30 a.m. never felt so sweet when I finally had the chance to hold you.  You will never remember that but I, your mom, will never forget it.

Piper, you continue to thrive in hockey.  You have no idea the talent that you have.  Sometimes this frustrates me and I just want to sit you down and convince you how much talent you possess.  How skilled you are at skating.  The potential that you have if you just continue to work hard.  But.  I don’t.  Not really.  I encourage you and tell you that I think you are awesome and that you worked hard and skated hard.  That you did great.  That I think you are a great skater and player.  That I am so very proud of you.  But.  I leave it at that.  I leave it at that, because you are only 8 and playing in the Novice division.  Although hard work is encouraged, I just really want you to enjoy yourself.

You are a strong student.  You work hard and take pride in your day.  You are kind to others even when they aren’t kind to you.  You have a big heart and a compassionate soul.  When you knock players down in hockey you hang around for a few seconds to make sure they are okay.  Even though I love this … you can’t keep doing it.  It’s hockey!  But that is just you.  You care about others and when I see your acts of kindness, my heart bursts and I beam with pride.

The world has big things in store for you and even though I am sad about how quickly time is passing us by…. I can’t wait to see the beautiful young lady that you will become.  The amazing things that you are going to do and to watch the wonderful person that you are , grow before my eyes.  And even though I can’t believe you are 8, you are a beautiful 8.  I have been the most fortunate to be your mother.  So today, on your birthday, we celebrate you… wonderful you.

Happy Birthday, Piper.  I love you.

You make this life worth it.

Love Mama.

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