Month 69 – Letter to Davilyn

by Rumour Miller on April 1, 2014

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Dear Davilyn ~

March is behind us.  Your most difficult month as our middle daughter in our trio of girls.  Birthday celebrations that leave you feeling left out.  As we head into spring (if it ever arrives) your birthday will be just around the corner.  Hang in there.

We have had a busy few weeks (again) but, so far, the month of April is more low-key.  We need to keep our fingers crossed that the snow ends and the sun beams hot and strong.  We can pull out our bikes and ride off into the sunset…. or something.  The winter has been tough but spring really is just around the corner, Davilyn.  Then you can pull out your sundresses and shoes and wear them as much as you wish.  Even outside.  I’m looking forward to it for you.

We went into Winnipeg for Piper’s hockey tournament and you got to see many of your favourite people.  I was so happy for you.  They came to watch Piper and hang out with you and Quinn.  It was so wonderful.  We had a pretty good weekend, it was sad to see it end.

I was happy that you got to see your friends and to see how happy that made you.  Mama loves you Doodle Bug.

Love Mama.

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