And Then She Was 11

by Rumour Miller on March 5, 2017

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Dear Piper ~

Happy 11th birthday to the girl who arrived a month before she was supposed to.  Happy 11th birthday to the big sister in our house.  Happy 11th birthday to (one of) my favourite hockey player.  Happy 11th birthday to the girl who would rather wear sweats than a dress, who would rather wear hockey skates than ballet slippers, who would rather wear her hair short and not long because it feels better in her hockey helmet.

Happy 11th birthday to my beautiful Magoo.

After all these years, I still think back to the day that you were born and wish I were there again.  To see newborn you and to experience all those feelings one more time of being a new mom of such a precious little girl.

When I look at you now, my heart explodes with pride.  I cannot believe that I have had anything to do with the awesome kid that you are.  You have grown up right before my eyes and even as we draw closer to birthday number 11, I watch you in amazement.  I have one awesome kid and I am one lucky Mom.

And I cannot believe that you are now 11.

Mama loves you Magoo.

Love Mama.


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