Month 133 – Letter to Piper

by Rumour Miller on April 6, 2017

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Dear Piper ~

Your regular hockey season has finished with the Awards Banquet.  It was a fun celebration of Girls Hockey and you sat at a table with your friends and team mates.  You walked with two MVP trophies.  One for your house team and one for you competitive team and just know that you earned them both.

Your second year of Atom was your best year yet.  I didn’t keep track of all of your stats and I wish I would have.  I know that the number of assists you had would be close to the number of goals.  You scored 93 goals this season, which might not mean much to some but when you don’t play in a regular league with regular games scheduled, that’s quite the achievement.

I know that I have never seen you work harder than I have seen this year.  Your passion and determination for this game of Hockey is beyond anything that I have ever known but I see a drive in you that I can’t help but get excited about.  You have started talking about playing hockey in University and I pray that happens for you.  You are the only one that can make that happen.  Your hard work and your work ethic.  Your commitment and your determination.  No one else will be able to instill those values in you.  We can encourage you and cheer you on but you, my Magoo, will have to do the hard work to get where you want to go.

So reach for the stars and reach for your skates.  Go out there and “Shoot, pass, and kick some ass.”

Mama loves you Magoo.

Love Mama

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