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Piper is my 8-year-old first-born.  First Diva, although she is not so much a Diva as she is a Tomboy and lover of sports.  She was our miracle after Primary Infertility.  My pregnancy with her only lasted 36 weeks and she made her grand debut on a glorious Monday.  Our Sweet Pea spent her first 12 days of life in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, primarily for feeding issues and jaundice.  Bringing her home was one of the best days of my life.

Piper is already in grade two and growing up far too fast!

Piper continues to surprise and amaze me.  She is a social butterfly and loves to play soccer and ringette and man can this girl skate.  After our families recent move, she is playing hockey again and loving it.  She has joined the choir at school, opted to take an Ojibway class and signed herself up for the grade two spelling bee.  She can’t wait to try baseball and already has a pretty good hit.  Right now, in the winter you can find her in the Rink skating and playing hockey and in the spring you can find her with her family as we are taking a break from organized sports.

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