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Davilyn is my 6-year-old spitfire!  She is a child with attitude and a mind of her own.  She is our second Diva and a Diva she is!  She can be found playing dress up and wearing heels.  She loves shoes and has learned that she loves to go shopping with her Gramma! Some of my favourite moments of her were when she would come prancing down the halls in her little Diva shoes.  She is going to be my shopping companion when she gets a bit older, what great taste she has!

My pregnancy with Davilyn only lasted 34 weeks before she made her grand debut on a glorious Sunday.  She spent her first 8 days of life in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and then came home to an excited big sister.

She used to come to the dinner table in full princess gear complete with crown, gloves and dress.  It makes me smile to watch her imagination at play.

This year Davilyn is in Grade One and she is playing hockey again this winter.  She has scored her first goal and won four championships with her team.  I am so proud of her.  She loves to read and sing and you can hear her making up her own songs.  She loves to wear dresses and tights and enjoys a pretty pair of shoes.

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