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Quinn is our third Diva in our trio of girls.  Although my most difficult pregnancy, she was a healthy gorgeous baby!  Just like her sisters.  Quinn is now 5 years old and I am again amazed at how quickly this time we have on earth passes.  How quickly each year goes by.

Quinn is a stubborn and head strong little girl, who doesn’t let much get in her way.  She keeps up with her big sisters, is daring and fearless.  She challenges me as a parent on a daily basis and I just pray that I am doing things right as her Mother.

My pregnancy with Quinn only lasted 35 weeks (and we struggled to get there) before she made her grand debut on a glorious Tuesday.  She spent her first 5 days of life in the Neonatal Intensive Care unit and came home with Mama on discharge day.

This year Quinn has started all day school.  She entered early learning in Junior Kindergarten, catches the bus with her sisters and comes home on the bus with her sisters.  She is playing Hockey this year.  She just completed two hockey Jamborees with her team and had a great year.  Quinn still loves to dress up and her favourite movie is still Frozen.  She has memorized the soundtrack and the words to the movie.  We often enjoy watching Quinn sing “Let It Go” or act out various scenes from her favourite movie.  Quinn loves wearing dresses and also enjoys a great pair of shoes.  She loves to ride her snowmobile and loves it when Mama pulls them all in the sleigh behind the snowmobile.  The faster I go, the more fun she has.

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