Two more sleeps…

by Rumour Miller on May 17, 2005

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and Sami flys home to Finland. He will have been with us for 269 days and he is talking about coming back next year.

On Friday night when the team lost and we knew it was just a matter of days before he went home, I felt really sad. When he came home that night, he was upset. Upset that they lost… I like to think that a part of that sadness was because he was going to miss Craig and I. It is more likely sadness that he will miss Molson… ha ha.

So the next few months will be quiet at the Miller residence and Sami’s bedroom will sit vacant and still until he returns in September. I imagine this feeling to be similar to what my parents felt when my sister and I left home. Sami has really been like a kid to us (albeit we missed the cute and cuddly years and jumped right into the teen years). This past week we have been going out driving with him as he just recently got his driver’s permit.

Sami to Nicole, “I’ll be a much better driver when I come back next year, I promise.”

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Craig May 17, 2005 at 11:18 am

When we think we are missing him – we just need to think back to driving with him and the fear of god that he strikes in us. Especially when it comes to stop signs and red lights.

Sweet Soul May 17, 2005 at 2:38 pm

LOL….too funny! Kind of curbs the missing part when you think of him putting the “fear of god” in you…too cute!

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