Month 94 – Letter to Davilyn

by Rumour Miller on May 1, 2016

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Dear Davilyn ~

Another weekend of hockey.  A shooting camp… and now you are done until fall.  I know you will enjoy the break.

You absolutely love to read.  We picked out three more books from the library and you started reading them immediately.  It didn’t take you long to finish them.  You are already wondering about the reading program for this summer at the library and want to make sure that you get signed up.

I wish the summer weather would hurry and arrive.  I loved spending last summer in our back yard pool with music in the back ground.  It was an awesome way to spend those months and I know we are all looking forward to doing it again.  You have been anxious to get your sandals on and skorts out of hiding.  Hopefully the weather is warming and that day won’t be too much further away.

We love summer and I cannot wait for our summer together!  My favourite part of summer are the memories we make together.

Mama loves you Dudes.

Love Mama

Dudes Shooting

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Month 73 – Letter to Quinn

by Rumour Miller on April 23, 2016

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Dear Quinn ~

The countdown to summer is on.  You are already wearing flip-flops and dresses whenever you can and running around without a jacket.  It’s been glorious those few fleeting spring/summer moments.  Hurry Summer, we have missed you.

Now that you have been in school for a few years, the birthday party invites are many as are the play date requests.  We enjoy watching your little friendships grow.

You have fully recovered from your surgery last month.  You are sleeping better and you don’t snore anymore!  It’s been wonderful.  We all felt a little let down after this March break since you were not feeling well at all and we didn’t do much of anything.  The thing you and your sisters don’t know about is that your Dad and I have a surprise trip planned for us all.  I hope that I can keep it a secret until the time comes to let you all know…. I just want to tell you!

I can’t wait to make more summer memories with you.  It’s going to be great!

Mama loves you Quinnie.

Love Mama

Quinn Hockey Helmet

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The One with the 40th Birthday

by Rumour Miller on April 18, 2016

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As in mine.

I am turning 40 this month, and mostly I haven’t had a chance to think about it.  Except when I do.

And I still feel young… but I remember when I thought 40 was old.  Or at least thought it was a long long way away and I could not imagine that day.

Turning 40 doesn’t make me feel old so much as it makes me feel human.  As in, my days on this earth are numbered and only God knows what that number is.

The thought of growing old doesn’t scare me so much as the thought of running out of days.  I’m running out of days and I don’t know how many I have left.  None of us do.  I wake up at night thinking about it. Fast forwarding to graduations, special events, birthdays and weddings.  Willing myself to see me there in the future, but I have no idea if the number of my days includes high school graduations and wedding days but I’m praying that it does.

I am turning 40 this month and aside from the occasional back ache and the fact I can’t drink all night anymore, I don’t feel like I’ve aged at all.  But I have and it’s around these milestones birthdays that I hope I didn’t spend my best days with my nose in Law books and getting my career off the ground.  That my best days are now and still ahead of me.  That my best days include prom and graduations of three beautiful girls and University drop offs.  That my best days include three weddings and three beautiful wedding gowns.  That my best days include grandchildren and spending my retirement days with Craig.

Because in this world when the only thing that is certain is uncertainty, I pray that as I turn 40 my best days are still yet to be.

Turning 40

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The One with a Baptism and a First Communion

by Rumour Miller on April 17, 2016

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We decided a few years ago that we would eventually have the girls baptized, but it just never happened.  We didn’t attend church regularly and living in a Mennonite community for almost 8 years, we didn’t feel in our hearts that any of those churches was a fit for us.

Just over two-years ago, we moved back to the town I grew up in and the girls enrolled in the Catholic School, the same one I went to when I was their ages…. then, they kind of made the decision for us.  They were learning in a Catholic environment and asked us if they could be baptized.

So in the fall, we had all three of them baptized.

And it felt like a weight had lifted off my shoulders.  It was just something that I had always wanted to do and felt we should do.


Today, two of the three girls had their first communion. Quinn will celebrate hers when she is in grade two.  It was perfect.  Piper in jeans and shirt (I did think about having her wear a white hockey jersey) and Davilyn in a perfect little dress.

First Communion

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Month 121 – Letter to Piper

Pin ItDear Piper ~ And the hockey keeps on …. We finished up your season with the boys team this past weekend.  Our final tournament after a crazy hockey year.  I thought it went pretty good this season.  It was tiring but honestly, it was awesome.  Watching you play all that hockey and play it […]

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Month 93 – Letter to Davilyn

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S I X – Happy Birthday, Quinn

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T E N – Happy Birthday Piper

Pin ItDear Piper ~ Let me just stop a moment.  You… just stop a moment. Stop growing up just for now.  For a moment or two.  Slow down and take your time growing up.  Ten candles on your cake this year.  An entire decade of Piper and it’s still not enough, it will never be […]

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Month 92 – Letter to Davilyn

Pin ItDear Davilyn ~ Last night driving to hockey practice you said, “Is Savi still sick?” When I told you that I didn’t think so you said, “Can I be goalie again tonight?” Then you quietly said, “I think I will play goalie next year.” I’m never sure what to expect from you because as […]

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Month 71 – Letter to Quinn

Pin ItDear Quinn ~ You put on the pads this year for your Jamboree…. after the first game, you said you were done. It’s hard to make a decision when you are five about what you want to be growing up.  I get it. It was cute watching you stop pucks, though.  You did a […]

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Month 119 – Letter to Piper

Pin ItDear Piper ~ Your hockey schedule is more intense than most of those in the NHL.  I wish I were kidding, but I’m not.  You play 6 out 7 days and have been doing this since September.  Some nights, you come off one sheet of ice just to go straight to another.  I thought […]

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Month 91 – Letter to Davilyn

Pin ItDear Davilyn ~ Keep digging! Each year that you play hockey, I don’t know how long we have.  As we near the end, you start declaring that hockey isn’t your thing and that you don’t really like it.  But I see this Hockey Doodle that goes out there and once her skates hit the […]

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Month 70 – Letter to Quinn

Pin ItDear Quinn~ Last year you told us you wanted to be a goalie.  When you had your chance, you spent your time in the net making snow angels and not paying attention to the game…. even when the game was happening in your crease! This year you told us you wanted to be a […]

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Month 118 – Letter to Piper

Pin ItDear Piper ~ Hockey loving, TV watching, football carrying, skateboard trying, game playing girl. We had a great Christmas and a nice break from school and running to the arenas.  It’s been hard for us all to adjust back to school and work.  Sleeping in and staying up late was so easy to adjust […]

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Month 90 – Letter to Davilyn

Pin ItDear Davilyn ~ Another Christmas behind us and a new year ahead of us.  I wonder what the next 365 pages of Chapter 2016 will have in store for us. Mixed in with our wonderful Christmas celebrations were moments of conflict between you and me.  We struggled during this break.  I asked you to […]

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2015 Year in Review

Pin ItWe spent 2015 with friends and a board game.  It was a fun way to ring in the New Year.  We spent 2015 trying to settle in at our 30 Acre Wood.  We still have much we want to do but we decided to take the time to have fun.  We used our snow […]

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T’Was The Night Before Christmas 2015

Pin ItAnd in the next room Piper is making pancakes in a Spiderman costume. Hockey has taken over our life As we run from rink to rink. Watching our girls score and stop pucks This Mama needs a break and could sure use a drink. In the glow of the tree lights, I sit sipping […]

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Month 69 – Letter to Quinn

Pin ItDear Quinn ~ Another special visit with the Big Man in Red this year.  We love our visits with him, don’t we.  We have slid right into Christmas Break and we can’t wait for Santa to fly so that we can sit around our Christmas tree opening presents. Mama works one more, short day […]

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Hold and Secure

Pin ItThey had one at the local high school today and at one of the elementary schools nearby.  A threat was in the area. Being very close to the anniversary of the Connecticut Elementary school shooting, it crossed my mind that perhaps we are a bit foolish to believe that our children are safe when […]

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Month 117 – Letter to Piper

Pin ItDear Piper ~ You truly are a hockey lover.  When you aren’t playing it, you are watching it on TV or on your iPad or you are talking about it.  We are three months into this crazy schedule of ours and enjoying all the breaks when we do get them.  After Christmas your schedule […]

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Month 89 – Letter to Davilyn