Chiropractic Care and Fertility? Part II

by Rumour Miller on June 10, 2005

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This is a bit behind but still worth a mention.

I went to my second appointment on the 6th and we looked at my x-rays. My spine is a bit off of where it should be and the most noticeable area is near my lower back… which area just so happens to affect stomach, bowels and the reproductive system. Soooooo, the Dr. “adjusted” me and I heard some “cracks” and felt relieved afterwards. It was not painful at all.

That night I was a bit sore, but all in all felt pretty good. So I am going to go back each week for the next 12 weeks to start and then re-evaluate my treatments again. I am not hanging all of my hopes that this will result in a pregnancy and eventually baby, but it is one way that I can try to gain some control over this. Besides, if it improves my general health then it is worth it.

Do you believe in signs? You know the Chicken Soup for the Soul books? Well they have one for Chiropractors and as I was waiting for the Dr. I opened it up to the Table of Contents and skimmed the titles. My eyes caught the title “Do you believe in miracles?” I immediately turned to read the two page story about a woman who was unable to conceive and told she would probably never conceive and have a baby. Then she was in a minor accident and went to the chiropractor for treatments. The Dr. asked her if she had ever had any children and so she shared her story. He said “Give me a couple of months and let’s see”. She started seeing him in April and by August she was pregnant and went on to have a healthy baby girl.

How is it that immediately that title jumped out at me? I believe in signs.

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Sweet Soul June 10, 2005 at 12:50 pm

Signs eh? Me too, I believe! Signs and hope….they kind of go hand in hand. I don’t think anything is predestined, but I do believe in destiny….if you follow the signs. We choose our paths in life. You choose chiropractic care because it gives you hope. That is good. You are taking control of a seemingly uncontrollable situation. All my prayers are with you and Craig. In the end, the thing that matters most, is the love you have your heart….no matter where that love comes from. The seed is there and I will pray that it will grow!

BonnyT June 10, 2005 at 1:20 pm

Glad all went well.

I am so happy that you had faith in what I mentioned in my blog and checked it out for yourself. Thank you for trusting a complete stranger-friend.

And I absolutely believe in signs.

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