by Rumour Miller on February 3, 2006

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Hicks! Holy Crap! Last night I was up for an hour experiencing these lovely irregular contractions that occur during the last half of pregnancy. Toward the end of pregnancy they tend to become increasingly uncomfortable and sometimes even painful (this I can relate too).
The worst part about the Hicks last night was that I was feeling sick and had diarrhea from them. I had this only once before but had no idea that is what it was. I just thought I was getting sick like everyone else had been.
I woke Craig up and told him that I was having contractions because I could feel my belly getting hard and then relaxing. I didn’t think they were the real deal but thought that they were Braxton Hicks. He of course (being the engineer that he is) turned on his light and grabbed for the pregnancy books and he started to read.

For my loyal readers who read my post about my fear of a BM while pushing… well I now have a new fear…. The old one was just having a BM while pushing…. The new one is that it will be diarrhea!

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BonnyT February 3, 2006 at 2:22 pm

Fun, eh?

Only thing is, they ‘shouldn’t be painful’ (direct quote from my OB)…also, if you have 4 or more in an hour, call me…(another quote from my OB)…

Just watch them and take it easy.

Oh yeah..a couple of glasses of water tends to slow them down…:)

Jenna February 3, 2006 at 3:54 pm

That’s an awesome picture Nicole! I was showing the girls at work, and everyone loved it! Take care

Ashley February 3, 2006 at 8:50 pm

How scary! I was lucky enough to not have them ever, but I always worried about them.
One of the nurses in the NICU told me that they used to give enemas before delivery, and told me a wonderful horror story about a girl she helped deliver that had an enema. Apparently, the poor girl pushed and it was [obviously] diarrhea, and sprayed all over the doctor, the nurses, the walls… everywhere! That poor girl! Just be glad they don’t do that anymore!! But she also said that they didn’t even flinch, they just kept working like nothing had happened.
Take it easy there, Momma. Just make sure you’re not doing too much. 🙂

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