Pre-term NOT Premature

by Rumour Miller on February 11, 2006

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Holy Crap!

As I head into my 34th week of pregnancy, I now realize that we need to be ready for anything. Who knows when Miss Pea will arrive but it really could happen any week now. If Miss Pea were to be born now she would be Pre-term and not premature. I’m not ready. We are not ready.

Can I start freaking out now?

As much as we want her here to hold and hug, I am really going to miss watching her move in my belly and feeling her kicking me when I am lying in bed in the morning. She has such a routine that most days I can set my clock to it. She wakes up when Daddy wakes up at 6:00 a.m. She kicks and pokes me for quite a while in the mornings. Then, as I am ready to get up, she rests or sleeps. I usually feel her again mid morning while sitting at my desk and again at various times in the afternoon. Her next big dance happens at night when we are lying in bed, watching television, waiting to drift into dreamland. That’s when Daddy gets to see it too. She’ll even wait until we are going to bed. On a work night she dances between 9:30 and 10:30 but last night it was a bit later when we went to bed. She waited for us and gave us a great show. It is so amazing.

I always think about when my sister was pregnant and how much of it that I missed. I missed all the good stuff. I only got to see Logan move once and feel him move once. My sister’s pregnancy was so different than what mine is like. She got a nice big basketball belly. I am really still waiting for mine… LOL. My waistline has not totally disappeared! I can still see the little curve where my waist is. She also was very very sick at the beginning of her pregnancy. I hardly had any sickness.

I still haven’t bought Miss Pea’s baby book either. When we were only a few weeks along, we saw one we loved. Didn’t buy it because we assumed that we would see another just like and we haven’t. I plan to make a scrapbook for Miss Pea but I would really like the baby book too.

I am starting to ramble here. Lots on my mind today. My house is a sty (again – but what’s new) and we haven’t even started to get the baby room ready.

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BonnyT February 13, 2006 at 2:19 pm

Don’t worry…Miss Pea will have her routine when she is out of your belly, too…LOL!

Get on that baby room, missy!. WE painted on the weekend…plus we moved the furniture out of my very smart 2 year olds room into her baby brother’s room…she got new “big girl” stuff.

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