100 Things

by Rumour Miller on April 29, 2006

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100. I am 30 today.
99. I am starting to be okay with that.
98. I am a lawyer – finally enjoying my job too.
97. I recently became a mother – March 6, 2006.
96. We started trying to conceive in December 2003.
95. We found out in March 2004 that something wasn’t working.
94. We found out in May 2004 that we had primary infertility.
93. We used clomid for ovulation for 7 months.
92. We conceived once on clomid and the pregnancy ended in the second month.
91. We found out on a Friday.
90. We spent that entire weekend in bed crying.
89. I am a taurus – stubborn as a bull.
88. I often think about my past – highschool and university.
87. And miss those times because they were so much fun and I learned many lessons.
86. I dated my highschool sweetheart for 2 years. I knew that when I left for university we would break up. We were best friends.
85. When I think about that now – I am so proud. We knew alot more than we thought we did.
84. I spoke to him July 2004 – the first time in almost 10 years.
83. I still remember him fondly.
82. I married my soul mate on July 14, 2001.
81. I met Craig when I was 22 and he was 27. The instant I met Craig I knew we were going to get married.
80. I hold grudges.
79. I often find it difficult to forgive and forget but I am trying.
78. I am sensitive but most people don’t know it. They often mistake me for being very strong.
77. I cry inside before I cry on the outside. Sometimes I never cry on the outside.
76. Craig is really the only one who knows just how sensitive I am.
75. If I could have one wish it would be that my sister would find someone that makes her happy.
74. I chew my nails. Sometimes til they bleed.
73. It is a nervous habit. The nail biting is much better now than it ever has been.
72. I am addicted to lip balm.
71. I still get homesick for my parents.
70. After Piper was born – I had the baby blues and felt very overwhelmed when she finally came home.
69. And I felt extremely guilty for feeling that way.
68. I feel so much better about my parenting skills now.
67. I love my black lab, Molson. Non dog people don’t understand and I feel sad for them. They are really missing out on a unique kind of love, loyalty and companionship.
66. I watch sitcoms in syndication. It’s an illness really. I can watch the same episode of the same show more than once the same day.
65. I can be bossy.
64. I hate being wrong – but will admit it when I am.
63. I am a low maintenance woman, person.
62. I can get ready for work (or the day) in a 1/2 hour. That includes showering, hair, makeup and getting dressed.
61. Somedays I wish I were more of a DIVA but it just isn’t in me.
60. I am currently on Maternity leave.
59. I plan to take the entire year.
58. I won’t be surprised if sweat pants become my new best friend.
57. I have a great sense of humour and this is my favourite thing about myself.
56. Sometimes, however, people are surprised by it.
55. I am very competative.
54. Play RISK with me and beware!
53. I have a tattoo on my left calf.
52. It is a yin-yang (stars/moon and sun – day/night).
51. I wear glasses and occassionally contacts.
50. My contacts bother me.
49. I really want to have Laser Eye Surgery.
48. I was born in Alberta, Canada and have often thought about moving back there. I don’t know if I could be that far from my parents.
47. I am a prairie girl at heart.
46. I know almost every word to every song that plays on the radio and I like to sing along.
45. I will use whatever is available as a microphone.
44. This is one thing Craig first noticed about me (and I think loves).
43. My goal in life is to be a great mother. I want my children to love spending time with me. I want my children to grow up with fond memories of their childhood.
42. I want to bake cookies with my children and not care about the mess.
41. I often think about being a SAHM until my children are in school.
40. I am torn because being a professional working woman is a significant part of who I am.
39. I am confident with who I am and I have a good self image. Even when the weight was piling on and the hair on my face was getting worse.
38. I have PCOS. Polycystic ovarian syndrome and have to work hard at keeping the weight off. 37. I wax my legs, bikini and parts of my face. The hair on my face is that bad.
36. My belly button is in a permanent frown – ever since I had a laporoscopy in 2000.
35. I blew out my knee when I was 15 playing soccer and had reconstructive surgery when I was 16.
34. I was devastated when I was told by a doctor that I wouldn’t play sports again.
33. I took a year off and returned to basketball and soccer. I now just enjoy the recreational side of sports. I still wear a knee brace.
32. My all time favourite talk show was The Rosie O’Donnell Show. I miss her. (I hear she is replacing Merideth on The View).
31. I love to camp.
30. I love love love roasting marshmellows and having s’mores.
29. I also love eating sunflower seeds.
28. I have Infertility survivors guilt.
27. My heart especially aches for my sister who’s baby Logan was born sleeping.
26. I had empty arms too.
25. I think about Logan every single day.
24. I believe that he is here watching over us and helped us to be blessed with Piper.
23. I am an old soul.
22. I easily make friends with women who are twice my age.
21. I love scrapbooking.
20. I hate my feet.
19. I love to shop. For me, for anyone really. I love clothing and shoes and all that jazz.
18. I love to bake… but I hate being the one to eat it all. I especially love to bake at Christmas.
17. I was in a fist fight in high school. I think I won. The other girl ran into the bathroom to hide. I didn’t follow her and when I walked to class I was cheered and applauded. Cool, calm & tough on the outside but on the inside I was rattled. She came after me, I just didn’t back down.
16. They say the best years of your life are in high school – although my high school years were fabulous I believe that the best years of my life are happening right now.
15. And that makes me excited about what my life has in store for me.
14. I often find myself looking at Craig and being so overwhelmed with love that I have to hug him or touch him regardless of if it is just our feet meeting under the sheets.
13. Craig kisses me and we say “I love you” before he leaves for work every morning. If he doesn’t I panic and have to call him. I worry that if we don’t say it and something bad happens I will never get over it.
12. I love taking pictures. I like having those to look back on. I lost some photo albums during one of our moves and I was sick about it. I will never get those back and they cannot be replaced. It still makes me sad.
11. I hate hate hate people that lie. I hate hate hate it when I know they are lying and they just keep on lying. Depending on who it is or what the situation is, I don’t call them out on it because I don’t want to confront someone who is so juvinile anyway.
10. I have zero tolerance for stupid people.
9. I think education is extremely important. I think that (in todays day and age) when people do not purse an education beyond highschool they are setting themselves up for failure.
8. I thinnk it is important for women to find out who they are, live independently and not rely on anyone else for happiness or for money.
7. If I had to live on my own I have the job skills (career) and the ability to go it alone. I am just thankful that I do not have to.
6. I love driving a 5 speed. We just sold our 5 speed for a van – MAN I MISS IT!
5. I am pretty sure that if I would have taken time off from school before obtaining my university degrees, I may never have gone back to school. Thank goodness I went right after highschool.
4. I want to travel. Something more than an all inclusive vacation or to visit family. I want to go to Europe, Austrailia, New Zealand. When I think about spending that much time on a plane I wonder if I ever will see those places.
3. I suffer from chronic headaches. While I was pregnant my headaches went away. Now that I am no longer pregnant, they are back.
2. It has taken me a long time to complete this list of 100 things. I have no attention these days.
1. I don’t know if I will tackle this again. It was interesting to do it once though. On a final note: HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY TO ME.

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soralis April 28, 2006 at 11:59 pm

Happy BIRTHDAY.. may your 30’s be wonderful!!!

Love the list… I am a 5 speed girl too (hubby won’t buy a van :)) , I love to scrapbook, and I take way to many pictures!!! I also live in Alberta, come visit some time, we can scrapbook and go for a drive in my car! 🙂

#8 is the way I think every woman should live their life!!

Take your year off and enjoy!

Take care

hj April 29, 2006 at 6:44 am

happy birthday nicole have a good one

Sweet Soul April 29, 2006 at 10:22 am



Jenna May 1, 2006 at 10:40 am

Hope you had a great birthday!

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