Month Two – Letter to Piper

by Rumour Miller on May 6, 2006

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Dear Piper;

You are now officially two months old. I will probably continue to say this, but holy crap the time is flying by so fast. Some days,

Mommy can’t believe that she ever did anything else but stay at home with you! Other days, I must admit, I miss wearing a suit and going to the office but dearest Piper you make that sacrifice worth it 100 fold!

You are smiling and cooing on a regular basis now and that just makes Daddy and I soar. Each day I am thankful that you have joined our family. Even when you are exercising your lungs so loudly in my ear.

You presented us with a challange when you decided that you would cry and crank for about two hours just before bed. Daddy and I had to tag team you and wrestle you to the ground. We managed as best as could be expected for two newbie parents – but I think you pinned us and won the match. We are hopeful that you never enter into this phase again and you continue to be your smiling snuggly self.

These evening sessions didn’t last too long (touching wood as I type this) and you were back to your “normal” self. Your Daddy and I figured out that you love when we sing to you. You are not picky and don’t care what we sing and you certainly do not care if we are in tune or on key. Which is a good thing because we certainly are not winning any Canadian Idol competitions in this household.

You remain loyal to your soosie (whichever one is closest as you have many) and we certainly do not intend on taking that away just yet. We figure that no one has ever turned up to their prom with a soosie in their mouth! In other words, you will outgrow it but right now it just brings you so much joy (and we are okay with that)! As you can see, being without it seems to make you down right miserable.

Your contentment = our sanity in tact! Good trade, we think. We cannot stress enough just how very important our sanity is when you are inconsolable. Something that you will learn from your own children some day…

You also continue to love sleeping on your tummy and I hate to deprive you of that joy (and of course of the peace that comes along with your 2 hour nap). We have yet to allow you to tummy sleep at night in your crib. Some day you will make that decision on your own when you begin rolling all by yourself. It is such a shame though, because when Piper sleeps good so do Mommy & Daddy.

Since we are on the topic of sleeping – you have managed to worm your way into our bed a little earlier than we would like to see you there. We have decided that a morning snuggle is a good thing and fun thing for all three of us. YOU, however, have decided that morning snuggle should happen anywhere between 1:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. We cannot let this behaviour continue or we will end up with a family bed and your Daddy and I just aren’t interested in that. We should just let you tummy sleep in your bassinette because when we do that all is good in Piperville.

You are definitly the coolest, cutest baby on the block and Mommy loves taking your picture. You are getting so big and we have so much more to do together. I can’t wait!

Mommy loves you Sweetest Pea,

Love Mommy.

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soralis May 6, 2006 at 12:45 pm

Beautiful letter, reminds me of why I so much want another.

She is so cute.


BonnyT May 9, 2006 at 2:33 pm

GREAT entry. I envy you having the chance to do things like that…are you up until midnight or something???!

The black and white pic is wonderful.

Rumour Miller May 9, 2006 at 3:13 pm

Sometimes we are! Hard to believe because BP (before Piper) we were in bed by 9:00! LOL.

It takes me a few days to get the big posts done because I do them in between feedings, during naps and when Daddy is home.

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