Love My Life

by Rumour Miller on October 10, 2006

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I have never loved my life more,
than I do right now.
Nothing special is happening but
everyday is special.
I cannot explain it.
It is something that
I am feeling inside.

Even on the, “my dog is driving
me crazy, having a bad hair, feeling
fat, still no period in sight, exhausted
from no sleep because Piper is either
teething or sick” days.

I have never really been in a “bad” place
with my life. I have certainly experienced
rough patches and moments of despair
that I thought would never end…. but they did
and they do.

I am going to see the RE tomorrow. I am feeling
okay about my infertility right now. Having
Piper does make it a bit easier but the pain
is not totally gone. The journey to expand
our family even further could be just as long,
tedious and heartbreaking…

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