Puuleeeze, tell me it is a phase!

by Rumour Miller on January 25, 2007

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Remember my post about trying to get Piper to sleep in her own crib all night long? That we are co-sleeping half the night? We haven’t even really started doing anything… I mean we are reading books and talking about our course of action, but that’s it.

Well Piper is refusing her naps… for the last few days. I am in nap HELL. It’s like she knows and she is getting us before we get her… She must be tired. I mean, the only time she has napped the last two days is in the van. For less than an hour. Whenever we try to put her down it turns into an all out cryfest.

Help me. What do we do?

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Lora January 26, 2007 at 9:58 am

Ugh! That stinks! When Lily was little, I couldn’t stand CIO, but when she got a little older, I got better about it. We made a “night-night” routine, where we say goodnight to ourselves in the mirror, I lay her down, give her the pacifier, cover her up, and turn on her little lamb that plays soft music. Then I walk out.

In the beginning, it didn’t go well, but now she knows what’s happening, so its not a surprise anymore. She usually naps fine now, but it took some time.

All of that said, it could totally be a stage and she may get over it next week 🙂

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