2008 Year in Review

by Rumour Miller on December 31, 2008

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Another year behind us and a fresh one on the horizon. Things have been pretty fantastic here at The Rumour Mill. Afterall, I became a Mother of another beautiful little girl in 2008! I have the love of family and friends and good health continues to touch those I love. My life is busy but my heart is very, very full. Just when I think it will bulge at the seams, it expands and makes more room.

The one thing that saddens me about 2008 was the death of my beloved Labrador Retriever, Molson. I don’t think I have ever loved an animal more. Although Craig and I bought him together, he really was my dog. Craig would agree. He was my biggest pain in the ass but also my most loyal friend. He was always there to dance with me when I was happy and to sit quietly with me when I was sad. He was as perfect with children as we had hoped he would be. I am angry that his time with our children was cut so very short. I took it for granted that he would live a long life by my side and slow down with me. I am mad at myself for taking that for granted. I bought a special ornament in his memory for my tree this year. It will hang near the top… a pewter star with his name engraved. I will never forget the runt of the litter that ran off with my heartstrings in his mouth.

Our second daughter arrived almost 6 weeks early on June 1st. What an amazing time. Motherhood is everything that I thought it was going to be and I am exhausted! I don’t think you ever really accept the fact that sleep is a thing of the past. We still find ourselves hoping that we might sneak in a good sleep at night or a late morning sleep in. It’s busy with two. It gets crazy with two. There are moments when it’s also pretty overwhelming but it is always amazing.
I have surprised myself as a mother of two. I have come a long way from the post where I was pretty sure I would never take them both shopping at the same time…. to taking them both to a movie! We have done that a couple of times now. Some people think I am crazy, but if that is what I have to be to get out of the house and do something fun, then so be it!

Craig’s parents came out for three weeks after Davilyn was born. For the first time since I met Craig, I did not enjoy the visit. They stressed me out and made comments about our parenting that had me inside out. For the record, yes Piper still sleeps in our bed at night. She still arrives whenever she most feels like it and stays until morning. Yes I snuggle my babies and hold them alot. Whenever I feel like and whenever they might feel like it. Are we parenting differently then our parents did? I think so. Is it working for us? I think so. Are we happy? YES.

We soon settled nicely into a family of four and it wasn’t long before I had felt like I had been mothering two all along. Sometimes I am nostalgic for my child free days. You know, like when I want to do nothing all day but sleep or watch movies and eat junk. I don’t have days like that anymore. Instead they have been replaced with a king size bed full of family, loves and giggles. Pretty good trade, I think.

The winter months arrived and Craig instantly got busy at work. Christmas has taken on a whole new meaning. I am now a mother trying to put all the extras into Christmas and make it a holiday that my children will always remember fondly. I still get a little bit excited for what I might be getting but the fun has been thinking about all the gifts that my girls will be getting and waiting to see the looks on their faces. I’m pretty excited about that.

We planned and booked a trip to Disney World with my parents and we leave January 30, 2009. We have never been and have been looking forward to this trip! I’m very excited that my parents will be there to see the excitement on Piper and Davilyn’s faces. It’s not often that we all get to vacation like this together.

We also won a trip to Disney World that includes 7 nights stay at a Disney Resort, return flights, and 7 day magic your way tickets. We are going in May as a family of four and are just as excited.

I made surprise arrangements with Craig’s parents to fly out for Christmas. Craig had no idea and I was pretty sure that he would be floored. It was extremely hard not to tell him and many times I almost let it slip. They arrived on the 21st and beat all the cancellations due to weather. It took a full day for Craig to realize that no only did I make these arrangements without his knowing but I kept it a secret for over a month. It was a hard secret to keep.

I am returning to work one day a week starting January 6. Craig is going to stagger his weekends and stay home with the girls that day. I am excited about the opportunity. I am the only remaining Family Law lawyer in our firm and this is my opportunity to really expand my client base. I only intend to return to the office 3 days a week, at least through the summer months. Once I am too busy for 3 days I will increase that to 4. I do not intend to work 5 days a week anymore. I am so very blessed and fortunate to be able to do this. I am also excited that Craig will have one day a week with his girls. I think he is really looking forward to it as well. When I return to the office 3 days a week, the girls will go to daycare and we will have our weekends back as a family.

I found out just before Christmas that my blood sugars are still elevated after Davilyn’s birth. I need to get focused on eating right and losing some weight. It’s no surprise that I am the heaviest that I have ever been and that I am pretty unhappy about that. I’ve struggled with my weight since I left for University and stopped playing competitive sports. I want to stop struggling and get to a decent weight and be happy. I’m not looking forward to this undertaking, but it is one that has to be done.

I hope that you are all sitting at your computers with fond memories of 2008. I wish you all a prosperous and Happy New Year!

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Jen January 1, 2009 at 12:29 pm

Happy New Year to You and Your family!

You will LOVE Disney, your girls will love it too! An fyi I can share with you is they have something called “child swap”, it’s not advertised but what it means is that if you want to go on a ride with Piper and Davilyn is too small, one of the adults gets a little pass and waits, when the big kids and grown ups come back, you swap kids and you and the big kids get to go to the front of the line and go on the ride with out waiting.

Dodi January 1, 2009 at 4:36 pm

I wish for you a 2009 filled with blessings and wonderful happy times!

Silver January 2, 2009 at 12:51 am

I am so jealous about the Disney trips! I hope to take our kids some day!

Happy New year!

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