3 Years Old – Letter to Piper

by Rumour Miller on March 6, 2009

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Dear Piper ~

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Piper… Happy Birthday to you!

(Birthday invitation reads:
A Big Sister
Disney World
Meeting Tink.
Quite Exciting,
Don’t you think?
It has been quite
the year for me!
But guess what else?
I’m turning THREE!)

Where does three years go? It completely amazes me that you are three. It feels like just yesterday and, at the same time, it feels like forever ago that you were born.

You are such a sweet, funny and loving little girl. You always seem to know how to make us laugh. You are always talking about your friends. At the age of three you have two best friends (Tyler and Emily) and you talk about each of them often. You are doing so well in preschool and you love going. You have convinced Mama to buy craft supplies so we can paint and create at home. You love it.
We all went to Disney World and you loved it… it was so magical to see it all through your eyes. Our trip to Disney World solidified your love of all things Tinker Bell and Princesses. I’m not sure who enjoyed it more you and Davilyn or me. We were extra lucky to be able to take this trip with Gramma & Papa. You may have a hard time remembering this trip, but Mama made sure to take lots of pictures to remind you in the years to come. I think it is so special that we have been fortunate enough to take a trip like this and to be able to take with Gramma & Papa.
It has become so important to me, to do things that will make your childhood memorable. I made some birthday cupcakes for you to take to preschool and share with your friends. You loved this! This summer we will start camping again and I cannot wait. You have gone camping before, but I am sure you don’t remember it.
I am getting ready to return to work more than one day a week and I don’t feel as anxious this time. Mama has decided that she is only going to the office three days a week. That means I will get to spend more time with you and Davilyn and this makes me incredibly happy.
The other night Daddy and I were sitting on the couch and he said, “Can you believe that Piper is going to be three?” It really is pretty amazing that you have grown so much. You are such a beautiful little girl and I love that you are mine. So happy third birthday my darling daughter… happy third birthday.
Mama loves you, Sweet Pea.
Love Mama.
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